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Tursi's Tall Tales!

Well, well, well... So you want to read a story, do you?
This is a collection of stories I've written and Never Ending Stories I was a part of in Ottawa, as well as some logs from Roleplay on various Mucks, and even some documents I've written here and there.

These texts are all owned by ME and may *not* be used for commercial purposes without contacting me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: characters whom are trademarks, and other legal properties, are owned by their owners and these texts are not authorized, related, permitted, or associated with those owners. They're fanfics, to use the common term. ;)

You might want to download the larger ones to your own hard drive and read them offline. Sizes are approximate.

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These are stand-alone tales, needless to say, or else they'd be called two-shots (or maybe three- or more-shots). So when you're feeling shot, give these stories a shot. Go ahead - bite the bullet... :)

Night Reigns [MLP] (external site) 108k words   23 Jul 17

Good Night, Luna [MLP] (external site) 1017 words   16 Jul 16

To Choose the Light [MLP/TLK] (external site) 20k words   13 Feb 15

The First Night [MLP] (external site) 1020 words   26 Oct 13

Who Am I? [TLK] 263 words

The Virus 135 words

The Stupid Quote File 31k words   21 Sep 13


And here are the tales so TALL, so MASSIVE, so astronomically HUGE, and just generally large, I had to divide them up into sections! Okay, so a few aren't really THAT big, but it feels good to say it... :)

Flipper's Oceanarium

Ocean 1 9894 words Ocean 2 12k words Ocean 3 10k words Ocean 4 9312 words Ocean 5 9815 words Ocean 6 8983 words Ocean 7 9174 words
Ocean 8 4826 words Ocean 9 13k words Ocean 10 9197 words Ocean 11 9076 words Ocean 12 16k words Ocean 13 11k words Ocean 14 19k words

Super Space Acer

Super Space Acer 1 1912 words Super Space Acer 2 1223 words


Occasionally, I pretend to be technical and useful to the outside world. Here are some of the documents that I've created while in that kind of mood. These are currently incorrectly formatted, but this whole page is due for a rewrite. :)

TI Books

Vectrex Multicart 1315 words

MAX233 Based Nokia Data Cable 871 words

Dreamcast 'Coders Cable' 930 words

OnHandPC MMP and MMV Format 704 words

ATX Power in a TI-99 PEB 906 words

Atari Jaguar GPU Boot Code Disassembly 6979 words (updated 15 Feb 09)

Modern Graphics on the 9918A 6459 words (updated 18 Nov 09)

3.5" floppies on the TI-99/4A 189 words (updated 18 Nov 09)

Two-chip 32k console mod for the TI-99/4A 7840 words (updated 27 Jul 16)

Skunkboard Rev 2 High Voltage Mod 12k words

Dragon's Lair on the TI-99/4A 6MB Slides

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