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Personal Stuff
Software Software
Personal apps and games - freeware and otherwise - check them out!
8 Jun 22
TursiLion's Roar at Blogger TursiLion's Roar
All the gab and gossip that you can handle, right from the lion's mouth!
23 Feb 22
Forums Forums
I no longer provide support forums, but I'm very active at in the TI forum
Image Gallery Image Gallery
A collection of image albums, largely my projects now, as it's hosted over at Facebook. Set to public access until it's abused, anyway. ;)
Links Links
Other fine folks on this big ol' web!
Text Text
Stories and documents - these tales will change your life, but not necessarily for the best.. :)
23 Jul 17
Dolphin Info The Dolphin Database
Everything I could find out about our salt water friends - dated, but still useful!
8 Aug 07
Movies Movies
Videos I've put together - powered by YouTube's bandwidth ;) (remote site)

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