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Classic99 - v399.019

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windows.gif   Download emulator, source and documentation. (11.2 mb) (#1) since 2020-03-16

I have a lot of database entries to fill in. ;)

Open source (but restrictive license) emulator including ROMs licensed by Texas Instruments - see documentation for license and restrictions.

Tips and tricks video:

Last Updates (max 5)

  • improve disk image debug
  • better testing for valid disk image
  • rewrite file creation to fix disk image create/overwrite bug that would corrupt the disk image

  • Make the disk name more consistent on FIAD disks - it wasn't always returning just the folder or just 10 chars
  • Make getting the disk name from a disk image not leak a file handle ;)

  • added the ability to save cart (and DSR) space in MakeCart for EA#5 and EA#3
  • added the ability to write an EA#3 from MakeCart (uncompressed, with autostart if desired)

  • fix for fragments files on image disks

  • Add AMS read/write/compare breakpoints
  • Add AMS register write from debugger
  • Add AMS register dump in debugger (type 'ams' and view debug log - hacky but functional)
  • Add 'help' to debugger for list of command syntax
  • Add masking to debugger memory accesses - was potential crash point
  • Changed CPU register access to require
  • Notes
    Source code is now on Github at

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    Last Update:2020-03-29

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