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Don't Mess With Texas (DSR) - v01262017

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ti99.gif   Download release archive with cartridge and disk images for TI-99/4A (1.4 mb)  

DSR presents Don't Mess With Texas - the first scene megademo for the TI-99/4A. Released at Synchony2017 and created by A.God, Asmusr, Bokanoid, Dya, JMPH, Orba, Ramon, Tero, dr. Terrorz, and Tursi!

Archive includes a 512kb non-inverted cartridge image for hardware or emulation, a MESS RPK version of the cartridge, and a 180k DSSD floppy disk image image for emulation or hardware

Requires as a minimum the cartridge or disk and 32k RAM to run. Speech Synthesizer is supported. If you have 512k AMS or more, a special loader will load from disk into AMS for uninterrupted playback. Disk version requires Extended BASIC or an Editor/Assembler #5 loader.


  • Includes a special loop mode for presentations - just leave Alpha Lock UP!
  • Scanline effects may not work on all emulators. Tested on JS99er, MAME, and Classic99 (v393 or later, no overdrive!)
  • Source code is available on Github at
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    Title:Don't Mess With Texas (DSR)
    Last Update:2017-01-26
    Status:Released #1 At Synchrony 2017

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