In the eastern tropical Pacific, herds of up to several thousand spotted and spinner dolphins travel with seabirds overhead and schools of yellowfin tuna below. Using helicopters to locate the dolphins, tuna fishing fleets exploit this situation, and many dolphins suffocate in their nets.

Stenella attenuata
Size: 1.9 to 2.3 m, 110 kg. Males slightly larger than females, and coastal slightly larger than offshore dolphins
Calves at birth: 82.5 to 89 cm
Teeth: 29 to 34 small, sharp-pointed teeth on each side of upper jaw, 33 to 3 teeth on each side of lawer jaw
Food: Fish (anchovies, herring and others) and swuid
Habitat: Mainly offshore
Range: Tropical and subtropical waters of the world ocean
Status: Population unknown, but common in most parts of its range. Substantial declines have occurred in the eastern tropical Pacific

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