Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins!

8 Aug 07 - based on a BBC article at, it appears that the Baiji may now be extinct. I've updated the species article. Thanks to the Mad Scientist forums for letting me know.
22 Apr 06 - I've transcribed a wonderful tutorial on How to Draw a Dolphin. It was done by the extraordinarily talented Vantid.
31 Jan 06 - Sadly, I was informed that Mr. James Fitzgerald, one of the scientists involved with the military dolphin research program, passed away earlier this month. As there was some uncertainty regarding some of the words or actions attributed to him (with the sources being primarily Greenpeace publications), I've updated the header on the articles that mention him to include an exerpt from his obituary that lists some of his rather remarkable achievements.

In reviewing this page and noting that a lot of people still use it for reference, but that going through me is difficult, I will probably convert this page to a Wiki in the near future. A wiki is a user-editted database, and will allow everyone the opportunity to share their knowledge by adding new articles or updating old ones. I think that's the ideal path for this old resource to take! :)

This is my dolphin database, a collection of information on dolphins I have been keeping for sometime. It's a bit out of date, but hopefully this information will still prove useful to someone.

This database was originally created in 1992 or 1993, where it was published on the FlipSide BBS in Ottawa, Ontario. It migrated to the WWW in 1995, and has been online continuously since then! Although there are many other dolphin pages these days, I'm proud to have contributed as one of the first online sources of cetacean information!

However, please note this information is outdated! I have not had any time to keep the information up to date. Please take this into account when noting any information regarding "current" status or numbers.

(!PLEASE NOTE! - I am not representative of any organization, I do not work with dolphins and never have, I am not a researcher or even a student. The page will stay up as long as people find it useful. :) I am unable to supply further information. I would love to receive new articles for this database, but please don't write to ask for information because I've put all I have in here.)

If anyone has new information they would like to contribute, I would appreciate the help in keeping things more up-to-date.

Please email me if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you notice any blatant errors.

Thanks very much to everyone who DOES email me... I do appreciate the comments.

Thanks very much to Shannon and her students for giving me this award :)

And further thanks to Edwin A. Gonzlez for this one. His page moved but I easily tracked down the new one!

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