The classifications of the order CETACEA

  Superfamily Platanistoidea
    Family Platanistidae
        -Platanista gangetica        Ganges river dolphin (susu)
        -Platanista minor            Indus river dolphin (susu)
    Family Pontoporiidae
      Subfamily Lipontinae
        -Lipotes vexillifer          Yangtze river dolphin (baiji)
      Subfamily Pontoporiinae
        -Pontoporia blainvillei      Franciscana, Cachimbo, La Plata dolphin
    Family Iniidae
        -Inia geoffrensis            Amazon river dolphin (boto)
  Superfamily Delphinoidea
    Family Monodontidae
      Subfamily Delphinapterinae
        -Dephinapterus leucas        White whale, Beluga
      Subfamily Monodontinae
        -Monodon monoceros           Narwhal
    Family Phocoenidae
      Subfamily Phocoeninae
        -Phocoena phocoena           Harbor porpoise
        -Phoceona spinipinnis        Burmeister's porpoise
        -Phocoena sinus              Gulf of California harbor porpoise
        -Neophocaena phocaenoides    Finless porpoise
      Subfamily Phoceonoidinae
        -Australophocaena dioptrica  Spectacled porpoise
        -Phocoenoides dalli          Dall's porpoise
    Family Delphinidae
      Subfamily Steninae           
        -Steno bredanensis           Rough-toothed dolphin
        -Sousa chinensis             Indopacific hump-backed dolphin
        -Sousa teuszii               Atlantic hump-backed dolphin
        -Sotalia fluviatilis         Tucuxi
      Subfamily Delphininae
        -Lagenorhynchus albirostris  White-beaked dolphin
        -Lagenorhynchus acutus       Atlantic white-sided dolphin
        -Lagenorhynchus obscurus     Dusky dolphin
        -Lagenorhynchus obliquidens  Pacific white-sided dolphin
        -Lagenorhynchus cruciger     Hourglass dolphin
        -Lagenorhynchus australis    Peale's dolphin
        -Grampus griseus             Risso's dolphin
        -Tursiops truncatus          Bottlenose dolphin
        -Stenella frontalis          Atlantic spotted dolphin
        -Stenella attenuata          Pantropical spotted dolphin
        -Stenella longirostris       Spinner dolphin
        -Stenella clymene            Clymene dolphin
        -Stenella coeruleoalba       Striped dolphin
        -Delphinus delphis           Common dolphin
        -Lagenodelphis hosei         Fraser's dolphin
      Subfamily Lissodelphinae   
        -Lissodelphis borealis       Northern right whale dolphin
        -Lissodelphis peronii        Southern right whale dolphin
      Subfamily Orcaellinae
        -Orcaella brevirostris       Irrawaddy dolphin, Pesut
      Subfamily Cephalorhynchinae
        -Cephalorhynchus commersonii Commerson's dolphin
        -Cephalorhynchus eutropia    Chilean (Black) dolphin
        -Cephalorhynchus heavisidii  Heaviside's dolphin
        -Cephalorhynchus hectori     Hector's dolphin
      Subfamily Globicephalinae
        -Peponocephala electra       Melon-headed whale (Electra dolphin)
        -Feresa attenuata            Pygmy killer whale
        -Pseudorca crassidens        False killer whale
        -Orcinus orca                Killer whale
        -Globicephala melas          Long-finned pilot whale
        -Globicephala macrorhynchus  Short-finned pilot whale
  Superfamily Ziphioidea
    Family Ziphiidae
        -Tasmaetus shepherdi         Shepherd's beaked whale
        -Berardius bairdii           Baird's beaked whale
        -Berardius arnuxii           Arnoux's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon pacificus        Longman's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon bidens           Sowerby's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon densirostris     Blainville's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon europaeus        Gervais' beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon layardii         Strap-toothed whale
        -Mesoplodon hectori          Hector's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon grayi            Gray's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon stejnegeri       Stejneger's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon bowdoini         Andrew's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon mirus            True's beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon ginkgodens       Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
        -Mesoplodon carlhubbsi       Hubbs' beaked whale
        -Ziphius cavirostris         Cuvier's beaked whale
        -Hyperoodon ampullatus       Northern bottlenose whale
        -Hyperoodon planifrons       Southern bottlenose whale
  Superfamily Physeteroidea
    Family Physeteridae
      Subfamily Physeterinae
        -Physeter macrocephalus      Sperm whale
    Family Koiidae
        -Kogia breviceps             Pygmy sperm whale
        -Kogia simus                 Dwarf sperm whale

    Family Balaenidae
        -Balaena mysticetus          Bowhead whale  
        -Eubalaena australis         Southern right whale
        -Eubalaena galcialis         Northern right whale
    Family Neobalaenidae
        -Caperea marginata           Pygmy right whale
    Family Eschrichtiidae
        -Eschrichtius robustus       Grey whale
    Family Balaenopteridae
      Subfamily Balaenopterinae
        -Balaenoptera acutorostrata  Minke whale
        -Balaenoptera borealis       Sei whale
        -Balaenoptera edeni          Bryde's whale
        -Balaenoptera Musculus       Blue whale
        -Balaenoptera physalus       Fin whale, Finback
      Subfamily Megapterinae
        -Megaptera novaengliae       Humpback whale

The superfamilies Ziphioidea and Physeteroidea, and the suborder Mysticeti, are all considered to be whales. The remainder of the list are dolphins/ porpoises.

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