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Classic99 - v382

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If this software is cool or useful to you, consider a small donation to the programmer! There is *no* need to pay to download and enjoy this software! But it's a lot of work and I do it in my so-called spare time, so a couple of dollars would be really appreciated! :)
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windows.gif Classic99 Emulator and Source Code, plus Arc303g and documentation (13 mb) (#1) since 2015-08-22

(previously Ami99)

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Classic99 is a freeware TI-99/4A emulator for Windows 2000 and up. Classic99 runs most stuff fine:

-System ROMs and many cartridges are INCLUDED under license from Texas Instruments
-boots and runs all console OS functions (except cassette I/O) and TI BASIC correctly
-most modules seem to work fine
-XB/Atarisoft/Jon379/SuperSpace cartridge bank switching supported
-full sound emulation of all channels including digitized sound support
-Speech implemented for both speech ROMs and external speak
-keyboard CRU scanning implemented
-joystick support
-9901 timer supported
-disk supports V9T9 files, TIFILES/Xmodem files, Windows native files, V9T9 DSK and PC99 DSK images (DSK images are read-only)
-DirectX Windowed and FullScreen, as well as non-DirectX windowed modes.
-Full Sprite collision detection (by pattern)
-Numerous video filter options (HQ4X, 2xSAI, SuperEagle, NTSC, etc)
-Integrated debugger with single step
-PS/2 keyboard emulation built-in
-Mouse-driven menu selection (double-click on screen)
-1MB Super AMS card supported
-Full source code included

TI-99/4(A) ROMs ARE INCLUDED!. Just select the system you want from the menu! This program will likely always be BETA and therefore incomplete.

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Updated RXB to RXB2015E and added support folder
  • Added Harry Wilhelm's Playground, XB256, XB256 Compiler and Missing Link 2.0, and documentation
  • Added USCD Pascal disks for pCode emulation
  • Reworked Clipboard support for Unicode - no longer need 'enhanced' hack
  • Fixed debugger VDP memory view to properly work with F18A extra RAM
  • Improved disk directory sizes (thanks to Lee!)
  • Directory listings now REQUIRE trailing period (like TI disk controller)
  • Fix debugger run-away that would break a run if the program breakpointed on an interrupt handler before LIMI 0
  • tweak LOAD interrupt processing
  • Cycle counting overhaul - all opcodes reverified and documented
  • Cycle counting on memory accesses revised.
  • possible hang on reset during speech fixed
  • Changed name of 'X' flag to 'XOP' flag (it was confusing me)
  • made reset use the general interrupt trigger function
  • StopIdle properly place in interrupt handler (not used yet)
  • changed DIV to use a likely algorithm that produces timing results in the correct range
  • removed hack in LDCR and STCR that was setting /no/ flags for word operations
  • added Read-before-write to the only four opcodes that have an unnecessary one: MOV, MOVB, CLR and SETO

  • safer and more correct triggering of the LOAD interrupt
  • Fix Day of Week from clock to be 0-6 - CorComp manual lied ;)
  • FIAD disks search entire index sector to work around one form of copy protection (Still technically not the same as TICC, and may fail in particular cases)TICC now supports DSK.DISKNAME.FILENAME (not tested on disks other than DSK1)
  • removed old bigfilehack filenames and implemented address register read and write (Read untested)
  • Allow high ascii as a terminator in filenames
  • Fix directory listings that return errors
  • Write the Disk DSR buffer header to VRAM. This makes P-Code work with the Classic99 DSR.
  • Fix VDP disk buffer header for Corrupt DSK RAM option
  • fix EOF flag
  • fix off-by-one in header of variable length FIAD files for bytes in last sector

  • Undo previous disk hack unhacking - it wasn't a hack ;)
  • disable jitter buffer debug (haven't worked on that for years)
  • fix record counting - fixed vs variable, rather than relative vs sequential.
  • clock can now be opened in INPUT mode (oversight ;) )

  • Fix filename padding in directory for ImageDisk and FiadDisk
  • add warning on pCode that the Editor doesn't like overdrive
  • Fix record index handling for sequential files
  • makecart tool now supports dumping cart space as an 8k cart
  • enable writes from TI disk controller
  • remove non-inverted bank switch hacks
  • update TurboForth to 1.2.1
  • allow loading of up to 32MB of bank switched cart
  • improve F18A GPU interleave mechanism
  • changes to disassembler to show GPU instructions
  • allow display of extra 2k VRAM in VDP debugger

  • (forgot to post updates for 377)
  • Fixes for DAC with non-standard CPU speed
  • large file hack fixes
  • crash fix for loading 378 files larger than max (2MB)
  • Fixes to make big file hack work with files of arbitrary size.

  • Notes
    Note: this is a beta release. I'm not done all the improvements yet. Use with care

  • Video recording may be broken - I've found "Open Broadcaster Software" to work very well though!
  • Text to Speech apps and other apps that flood the speech synth, ignoring the control bits, do not work (ie: TE2)
  • DSK image support is mostly read-only
  • Uninitialized memory detection does not work on AMS RAM
  • 80 column mode does not work with screenshots, AVI recording, filters, or any stretch except DIB
  • 128k mode is very untested and not guaranteed to work - nor is it intended to be improved later
  • F18A support is very very incomplete
  • Title:Classic99
    Last Update:2015-07-18

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