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Crystal Quest 2

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ti99.gif Download Crystal Quest 2 for Extended BASIC (17.9 k)  

A sequel to the first Crystal Quest that I thought I'd lost forever, I was given a box of old disks and there it was! Probably the most ambitious graphics I attempted on the TI, but Extended BASIC was a poor language choice and it was far too slow to do the battle scenes I wanted. So, mostly you wander through empty palaces looking for the statues. ;)

You lose the special effects with throttle off, though it's substantially more playable.

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Fixed broken load file (again) - now works with disk systems.
  • Fixed many cosmetic issues with the graphics in all three parts
  • Fixed loader so that running any program restarts the loader

  • Second file had a corrupt header - Classic99 now respects that header, so it fails to load. Fixed that.


    Title:Crystal Quest 2
    Last Update:2011-05-19

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