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Zombie MOTIF - v.

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ti99.gif Download Zombie MOTIF ROM for TI-99/4A (28.6 k)  

This game was the result of a Mini-game competition on Atari Age.... Owen hosted it, Codex contributed a farm management game, and I contributed a little Zombie blaster. If I remember right, we were limited to 30 lines of code.

After some joking around, I combined Codex's sim with my blasting, added a title page, and called it "Zombie McOwen's TI Farm", or MOTIF for short. A short story was added that Old McOwen was tired of being a zombie, and was placed in the witness relocation problem. However, the zombies located him using Google, and periodically invade his land looking for revenge.

The game itself centers on the farm - you plow fields, plant crops, harvest them, hire farmhands to help, all while random events either help or hinder you. Then when the zombies come, it switches to an arcade-style blasting game. Shoot enough zombies and you drive them back, just don't get your brains eaten!

Cartridge is a single 8k ROM and requires a joystick for the arcade segments.

Title:Zombie MOTIF
Last Update:2016-02-12

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