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SpaceFight - v0.2

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ti99.gif Download Space Fight for TI BASIC (5 k)  
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2600.gif Download Space Fight for Atari 2600 (with BATARI BASIC source) (10.4 k)  

In Space Fight you are patrolling Earth's orbit. The computer manages your flight path and locates vessels crossing into the system.

Your job is simple - each time the computer displays a vessel, you decide whether to press the button.

Hostile vessels must be destroyed, or they will attack you. Earth vessels must NOT be destroyed, or you will lose points (and if you destroy a starbase you won't be able to refuel).

Keys are A,Z, S,X (or on the 2600, Up/Down/Left/Right on the left joystick). You can figure out what they do. Space bar (or fire button on the 2600) to fire. Shields reduce the damage you take if hit. Engine speed adjusts how quickly you encounter vessels. Both take fuel. Game ends when all fuel is exhausted.

Last Updates (max 5)

  • 2600 version now masks enemies leaving at the top - has a custom kernel

  • Added Atari 2600 version


    Theme:Reaction Game
    Last Update:2009-05-09

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