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SuperSpaceAcer - v20161117

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ti99.gif   Download Super Space Acer for TI-99/4A (EA#5 and 32KB Cartridge included) (49.6 k)  
0 downloads this week
320 downloads total
coleco.gif Download Super Space Acer for ColecoVision Megacart (55.6 k)  

2D top-down space shooter. Shoot the ships and boom the bosses

ColecoVision version is currently seeing massive updates not reflected in the TI version. Screenshots are from the Coleco version

Video of WIP Coleco version:

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Lost some source control, so might have lost a few notes, but this list is probably complete
  • hint tips on end credits
  • jets now turn (towards or away) when they get near
  • nuke explosion bits are now normal bullets (needed the sprites)
  • tweaked flicker code
  • fix too-fast VDP access during final boss draw
  • improve player flame animation (so it doesn't freeze during boss death)
  • implemented beam generator enemy (level 4)
  • improved player bullet reliability
  • implemented enemy generator for predictable enemy patterns
  • limit number of mines a boss can deploy
  • slow down last two bosses on hardest difficulty
  • fix range test function (was causing issues? optimization anyway)

  • Added 32kb cartridge to TI version



  • TI-99/4A version does NOT have the improvements shown in the screenshots or videos.
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    Last Update:2016-11-17
    Status:Coleco Version Open

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