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Contimes - v1.1

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If this software is cool or useful to you, consider a small donation to the programmer! There is *no* need to pay to download and enjoy this software! But it's a lot of work and I do it in my so-called spare time, so a couple of dollars would be really appreciated! :)
(Alternately, there's my Amazon Wishlist)

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fuzzball.gif ConTimes MUF code (5.5 k)  
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fuzzball.gif Color/Updated version of Contimes - Glow-style ANSI codes (6.4 k)  

Inspired by a similar program elsemuck, I wrote this tool to track users' connection times. It includes privacy flags and 9 weeks worth of history.

New version added with minor bugfixes and Glow-style ANSI color support added (will require porting if you don't support it natively, but, this program takes some porting anyway).. left the original program up for that reason.

Last Updates (max 5)

Added color version with minor bugfixes

This program requires more than the default 50 vars - to run it you may have to edit your muck's source code to increase this value. (It's "MAX_VAR" in db.h under Fuzzball - increase it to 70 or so - I use 128).

BIG thanks to Marjan for the colorization!

Last Update:2003-06-19

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