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Skunkboard - v20161202

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14 downloads this week
5297 downloads total
jaguar.gif   Full release package - all documentation, source code, PCB layout files, etc. You only need this if you want everything. (45.2 mb)  
3 downloads this week
1408 downloads total
jaguar.gif Drivers and utilities. This is all you need if you just want to use it. (4.7 mb)  
2 downloads this week
1832 downloads total
jaguar.gif This is just the Skunkboard manual if you want to read it. It's included in the above archives. (509.6 k)  
3 downloads this week
783 downloads total
windows.gif Skunkboard GUI for Windows - no support or promises, this was a 3rd party tool by HillSoft (JiFFi might be better if you desire a currently-supported choice). (4.2 mb)  
1 downloads this week
425 downloads total
msdos.gif Jaguar development files - mostly Atari, mostly for DOS. No promises or support available. (5.7 mb)  

This is the final release of the Atari Jaguar Skunkboard - all drivers, folders, source code, notes, etc.

This package is released to PUBLIC DOMAIN. All rights are released. Anyone may do what they like with it and nobody else may claim ownership.

Formal support is thus ended, but I will try to answer questions if I can, feel free to ask.

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Countdown fix to Skunklib.s contributed by toarnold

  • Rebuild JCP to hopefully resolve the side-by-side configuration issue

    JCP updates:
  • -fixed 6MB mode upload for raw ROM files
  • Added rev 2/3 firmware update
  • added force modes so update works even on really old boards

  • New Firmware v302 fixes glitch in 6MB mode
  • New JCP fixes autostart after flash of 6MB images
  • New JDB and Jserve improve GDB interaction (slightly)


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    Last Update:2016-12-02

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