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Yiff! is a puzzle game for two players (or 1 against the computer). The two take turns placing foxes into 'rooms' on the grid. After a certain number of foxes fill a room, they change color and scatter to adjoining rooms. The object is to change all foxes to your own color. A pair of Street Fighter inspired fox-morphs battle out the combos at the bottom of the screen.

Yiff! was written as a birthday present for FoxxFire back in the day, and the concept was inspired by a program called Chain Reaction that I'd read about in Compute! (I think) many years ago. Recently I found a page that looks like it may be by the original author, although I'm not sure, so let me link back to Lee Haywood's Chain Reaction page.

A lot of people ask what 'Yiff!' means, and especially lately the word is getting a bad rep. It's just a noise associated with foxes. It has other meanings, yes, but this is all I mean it to be. (And even then, those other meanings only make the word as bad as "shag", and since everyone thinks it's great to sell Austin Powers dolls to kids, I certainly have no issues with the title.)

A Linux port was done but is pretty much obsolete - just use DOSBox now.

Watch a sample on YouTube!


  • The DOS version of Yiff! has been tested to run under DOSBox 0.70 and works perfectly. With DOSBox, Yiff! can be played successfully under modern versions of Windows. In theory, it will also work fine under any operating system supported by DOSBox, including Linux, Mac OS X, and OS/2. I have not personally tested this, however.

    Theme:Puzzle Game
    Last Update:1999-12-07

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