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Takatron: 2098

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msdos.gif Takatron modified for the arcade cabinet (see description) (1 mb)  
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msdos.gif (Optional) MIDI sound patches to improve the music quality (later stages) (1.5 mb)  
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msdos.gif (Optional) DPMI server for DOS (if required) (39.8 k)  

Driven by his never-ending desire to be King, in 2098 Scar perfects the Takatron, a robot species so advanced, even Mufasa falls before them. Driven by their infallible logic, the Takatrons conclude:
Simba may yet become King, and therefore must be eliminated.

Takatron is a classic shooter in the style of Robotron and especially Jeff Minter's Llamatron, with lots of flashy color cycling and sound bytes from the Lion King. Includes powerups, and a final showdown with Scar. (The DOS version will run correctly under Windows 95 and 98, though.)

The arcade version is intended to run under DOS in a cabinet running ArcadeOS. It scales the graphics down to 320x240 by brute force, so requires a fair bit of horsepower. It plays *only* through two Super-Nintendo pads hooked up to the parallel port (see the DirectPad page.) It accepts credits but otherwise is much the same as the standard DOS version.

Watch a sample video on YouTube!


  • The DOS version of Takatron has been tested to run under DOSBox 0.70 and works perfectly. With DOSBox, Takatron can be played successfully under modern versions of Windows. In theory, it will also work fine under any operating system supported by DOSBox, including Linux, Mac OS X, and OS/2. I have not personally tested this, however.
  • Screenshots just don't do it justice. ;)
  • Arcade version does not allow different input devices, and needs a fairly hefty PC (P-III).
  • Playstation version is available on the Compilation CD
  • Takatron because 'Taka' is reportedly Scar's real name (well, you don't think his MOTHER named him SCAR, do you? ;) )

    Title:Takatron: 2098
    Last Update:2001-01-03

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