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Super Sled Acer

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You've just received your new Super Sno-Speed Sled, and there's only one thing to do: Doom Mountain!

We won't let a few trees, rocks, snowmen or secret military installations get in the way of our fun!

Watch a sample on YouTube!


  • PC speaker only
  • Analog joystick recommended
  • Does NOT speed throttle properly - will have trouble on faster PCs
  • The DOS version of SSA has been tested to run under DOSBox 0.65 and works perfectly. With DOSBox, SSA can be played successfully under modern versions of Windows. In theory, it will also work fine under any operating system supported by DOSBox, including Linux, Mac OS X, and OS/2. I have not personally tested this, however.

    Title:Super Sled Acer
    Theme:Reflex Game
    Last Update:2001-02-26

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