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ID3Cover - v0.2


If this software is cool or useful to you, consider a small donation to the programmer! There is *no* need to pay to download and enjoy this software! But it's a lot of work and I do it in my so-called spare time, so a couple of dollars would be really appreciated! :)
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This is a VERY simple program that can do one of two things:

1) It can extract the first APIC image (usually the cover image) from an MP3 file with ID3v2 tags
2) It can insert an APIC image as the cover image into an MP3 file with existing ID3v2 tags

It is not a tag editor, or fixer, or anything like that. The file must already be tagged with ID3v2 version 3.0, and the ID3 tag must be at the beginning of the file.

This means this program isn't fully in spec, but I needed something I could use in a simple script to fix all my MP3s. Still, it may be useful to others, too.

It will NOT properly handle multiple images, probably shouldn't try. It will not try to add an image if it finds an APIC header already. Also, even though it backs up the original, use with care! It worked for me, but there may be bugs! Save your original files until you are sure the new ones are okay.

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Fixed tag padding error, should line things up much better. Still be careful with it! Use only if you are a power user who can fix your own MP3 files.



  • Does not support the unsync bit, will refuse to process
  • Does not support files without the ID3v2 tag at the beginning, or any version other than 3.0
  • Does not support files with more than one embedded image
  • Does not support any format other than MP3
  • Title:ID3Cover
    Last Update:2009-08-27

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