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GCC Port to TMS9900 - v0.5


If this software is cool or useful to you, consider a small donation to the programmer! There is *no* need to pay to download and enjoy this software! But it's a lot of work and I do it in my so-called spare time, so a couple of dollars would be really appreciated! :)
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windows.gif Download TMS9900 machine descriptor and EXEs for Cygwin/Win32 (3.1 mb)  

This is my WIP of a TMS9900 target of GCC 2.95.3. THIS COMPILER DOES NOT (really) WORK YET. It outputs code, but it hasn't been tested with a lot of inputs. Please do not submit bug reports. Please do download and work on it if you can submit patches. Lets get this thing up to a useable status. There is information on the port and issues, as well as setup/build instructions for Cygwin at the forum at

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Fixed most of the syntax errors by reworking where the addressing syntax is calculated
  • First test program works with O1 and O2, but not O0. Second test program doesn't build yet.

  • Initial test program builds and works. Still a lot of testing to go

  • Order of LI should now be correct in all cases
  • LI with a label should be correctly formatted
  • Predecrement should no longer be emitted
  • B should be correctly formatted
  • MOV with add/subtract on constant should correctly use LI
  • SOC/SZC should no longer use immediate data

  • Syntax fixes
  • Fixed bad shift instructions

  • Removed float code
  • Re-implemented immediate loads
  • Made a fix to shifts
  • Fixed some asm syntax errors (introduced some new ones)

  • Notes

  • You must get GCC 2.95.3 separately if you want to try to build it.
  • Title:GCC Port to TMS9900
    Last Update:2008-06-07

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