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Classic99 - v399.004

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If this software is cool or useful to you, consider a small donation to the programmer! There is *no* need to pay to download and enjoy this software! But it's a lot of work and I do it in my so-called spare time, so a couple of dollars would be really appreciated! :)
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10612 downloads total
windows.gif Download emulator, source and documentation. (9.2 mb) (#1) since 2018-12-03

I have a lot of database entries to fill in. ;)

Open source (but restrictive license) emulator including ROMs licensed by Texas Instruments - see documentation for license and restrictions.

Tips and tricks video:
Using the debugger:

Last Updates (max 5)

  • v399.004
  • reset more of CRU on menu-reset
  • add 9901 timer to the debug register pane
  • don't reset the 9901 timer every time you leave timer mode (fix for CamelForth)
  • more disk DSR warnings (hate that disk DSR so much...)
  • allow the disk corruption break option to catch the DSR warnings too
  • update manual for 9901 line

  • fiddled with AVI audio, but no improvements. AVIs updated to 60hz otherwise.
  • fix strange speedups - code that read the VDP status register was giving about 50% bonus cycles to the VDP. The more often you read it, the faster you went ;)
  • change waitable timer to a smaller value
  • remove the forced time on CPU_MAXIMUM. Now it actually runs maximum speed. And stays in sync.
  • add some comments to remind myself what the heck I was thinking in the 'full frame' update for overdrive

  • Added hotkeys for Paste (control-F1), Debugger (control-Home), and copy screen (Control-F2)
  • added copy screen function (hold SHIFT for BASIC offset)
  • added Tape menu and added STOP and PLAY functions (sorry, not tested)
  • debugger adds view->ASCII Add Screen Offset for BASIC checkbox (not saved)
  • fix display of active GRAM pages when opening dialog
  • 32MB AMS implemented - enabled it for now (we already used to reserve 16MB as it was)
  • re-arranged VDP gettables to be more convenient and less redundant
  • added NOCR or NOLF options to clipboard - if you open it as
    -Fix build options to work on Windows XP again
  • updated manual
  • updated to Visual Studio 2017
  • added CS1 read support
  • flagged manifest as hidpi aware
  • fixes for 9901 timer handling, found via CS1 in BASIC and EasyBug
  • fix for
  • Notes
    Source code is now on Github at

    Last Update:2018-10-13

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